6 Museums and Churches of Paris To Know

6 Museums and Churches of Paris To Know

If your trip were simply "flanking" the streets of Paris, it would certainly be worth it. But there is no limit to that.

The City-Light has dozens of museums and lovely churches. Besides being beautiful, they help tell the story of France and the World.

So you can not fail to visit them.

Here is a list of the 6 Museums and the Church of Paris to know not to miss, especially if this is your first time here.

1 Louvre Museum The Louvre is a portrait of Paris:

Interesting, rich, elegant and enigmatic. The visit to the place requires a little patience, but nothing that upsets the fascination of being in the most visited museum of all. It receives about 10 million people annually. No less than eight thousand years of history are represented in its more than 380 thousand items on display. It is not possible to know everything at once. It is estimated that a person would take more than two months to enjoy each work of the Louvre for 30 seconds. The tip here is to check before where your favorites are and go straight to them.

2 Notre Dame Cathedral

It is one of the oldest churches in the country, its construction ended in 1345. At 1831, Victor Hugo was releasing a book about it. The objective was to alert the importance of its conservation. The play was adapted by Disney and became a film. So many associate the place with the animation. But its historical importance comes much earlier. Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself king of France there.

In Gothic style, the Cathedral of Notre Dame leaves even the least believers on their knees before such beauty and grandeur.

6 museums and paris churches to meet on the first trip

3 Sainte Chapelle

Also in Gothic style, this chapel was built in just seven years. It calls the attention of the religious to have relics like the crown of thorns of Christ. Its sumptuous stained glass windows are mesmerizing. You can not be delighted by the small and fascinating Sainte Chapelle.

4 Sacre Coer Basilica

It is located at the highest point of the city, on a hill in Monte Martre district. It was ready in 1914. The Basilica Sacre Coer was built as payment of a promise. This is because France managed to contain the advance of the German army during the war with Prussia.

6 museums and paris churches to meet on the first trip

5 - Museum of Orsay

This museum housed nothing less than the largest collection of Impressionist works in the world. Those who are fans of artists such as Edouard Manet, Degas, Courbet, Claude Monet and Renoir can not miss the Musée d'Orsay.

6 museums and paris churches to meet on the first trip

6 Pompidou Center Museum

library and showroom: everything happens here. Check if during your stay in Paris the space will host some exhibition of your interest. Check out also the agenda of concerts, plays and film screening of the Pompidou Center. You've seen enough to do, right? If you need help to set up your script, count on France Entre Amigos!

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