Paris Michelin restaurants

France is the cradle of world cuisine and reveals hundreds of restaurants every year starring the most famous guide of all.

Luiz Antonio, our guide driver, had the honor of meeting one of the 10 top chefs in the world, Pierre Gagnaire, which is in the photo below.

These chefs are true artists who create unique dishes that we can not find anywhere else.

Michelin restaurant guide in Paris

Hlet's give 6 options for you to eat well in Michelin Restaurants in Paris and save incredible memories of your trip!

Restaurant Le Maurice - Alain Ducasse

Le Maurice's menu delivers elegance and the experience of Alain Ducasse in taking care of the ingredients. Here every flavor is respected in its essence. The menu is offered in 3 or 5 options. A great opportunity to get to know a good 2 stars!

Le Relais Louis XIII

This is another option to learn more about traditional French cuisine. The restaurant is located in the former convent of Grand Augustins, where Louis XIII was proclaimed King of France. The menu carries the flavors of the history that surrounds it and is under the care of the chef Manuel Martinez.


Antonie, led by young chef Thibault Sombardier, offers a more contemporary version of French cuisine. With an open kitchen model, here you can keep track of the requests being prepared. In addition, the great location allows you to savor the dishes while enjoying the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower in the background. He could not miss this list of Michelin restaurants in Paris.

Sushi B

Do not think the sushis were left out. You can also meet a starry Japanese restaurant in Paris! Sushi B combines the best of both worlds: it follows the traditional techniques of the Land of the Rising Sun and provides a dip in the flavors of the East, but maintains the service in the French mold. The menu has starters, main courses and desserts.

Saint James

If the quest is for a delicious Sunday brunch, the Saint James restaurant and bar will meet your expectations. Chef Jean Luc Rocha follows the traditional French techniques combined with innovative and balanced elements in the dishes for lunch and dinner.

Did you like the Michelin restaurant tips in Paris? Then organize your screenplay and include these delicious tips already! Good trip!

6 michelin restaurants in paris for an unforgettable trip

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