Complete Itinerary in Normandy

Make with us a Script in Normandy and discover this fascinating region, full of natural and historical beauties besides a good table.

With 600 kilometers of coastline, in Normandia reserves a universe of traditions just a few kilometers from Paris.

As sights invite the contact with nature and to walk in the local forests, parks and gardens.

The best known of them is undoubtedly Giverny's, immortalized by the impressionist painter Claude Monet.

The land occupied by Gauls and Viking absorbed the legends and customs of these peoples in their culture and we note this in Rouen.

O Mont Saint-Michel, with its more than a thousand years of architecture, is a medieval walled village inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Marked by wars and invasions, Normandy has already integrated the Anglo-Norman kingdom for more than two centuries during the Middle Ages.

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It was the scene of a turning point for Allied forces to free Europe from the German invasion during the summer of 1944.

Several cemeteries and monuments, such as the Caen Memorial, tell the story of the Day D and the Battle of Normandy.

Thanks to their cheeses, cider and calvados, a type of apple based cachaça.

The region is in western France and in Script in Normandy of two days, we can discover:

  • the incredible cliffs of Etretat
  • Rouen, the city where Joan of Arc was condemned and executed and which also houses a beautiful Cathedral
  • to know "in loco" crucial places for the victory of the allies in the second world war the landing beaches
  • the charm of Honfleur and its port
  • the charm of the seaside resorts of the early 20th century in cities like Deauville
  • cities of faith like Lisieux where St. Tereza of Lisieux lived and died.
  • we will sleep in Mont Saint Michel away from the flow of tourists

We Have a Lot of Flexibility on the Road Map and We include other cities in the region through consultation.

Complete Script in Normandy, France

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1 review for Complete Screenplay in Normandy

  1. 5 out of 5
    Evaluation 5 of 5

    - :

    I want to thank the fantastic experience of knowing through the eyes and professionalism of this company, cities of Normandy and Bruges.
    There is nothing to complain about, just spread among friends, who on the other side of the world, in a beautiful country by nature, we can still count on a warm, dedicated and efficient company.
    Special thanks to Erika, patient, because I do not stop talking and ask, beautiful and sweet too !!! That in his intelligence he knew how to capture my expectations, making my visit to France and Belgium, but that special, a dream.
    I hope soon to count on your support for more adventures, I hope for the success of all and that new routes are offered.
    Thank you

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