Professional Chauffeur Services by Hourly

  • 1 to 3 People = 55 € per hour
  • 4 to 8 People = 65 € per hour
  • Services provided between 21hs and 7hs in the morning, we charge 30 €
  • Minimum reservation amount: 220 € (minimum of 4 hours). Leaving address in Paris

Plan Your Dream Tour of the City, Incorporating the City's Best Sights with the Knowledge of a Bilingual Chauffeur.

Car with a Bilingual Driver Available in Paris, a Smart Way to Enjoy Your Stay in France.

This service is ideal for those who seek comfort and agility in their travels in Paris and region, whether on the road or on business.

Hiring Car with bilingual driver at disposal, you will have the accompaniment of a professional who knows the city very well.

The tourist attractions of Paris, its restaurants, shopping malls, shops and convention centers are part of the daily life of our professionals.

In a few hours you will be able to do everything you need, professional meetings, shopping, monuments visits.

We know the best routes, avoiding congestion. We know the history of the city and its monuments.

We know the best points for shopping and the most trend brands and we will show everything to you.

Car with a bilingual driver guarantees comfort, description and safety for you and your family to enjoy Paris.

(Services provided between 21hs and 7hs in the morning, we charge 30 €).

You Will Not Have to Worry About Itineraries, Traffic Jams, Parking Lots and You Will Always Be Accompanied by a Bilingual Professional.

We will advise you with all the description and sympathy allowing you to gain time, comfort and safety in your journeys.

Ideal Proposal for Those Who Have the Stopover in Paris and Do Not Have Much Time.

To pick them up at the airport you will be charged a transfer to Paris.

Remember: In all our tours you will have information about the place visited and not just a shuttle service.

Our company, based in France, has all the licenses required for the exercise of the activity in the country and all our passengers are assured.

Our cars are, all with less than 3 years of use and with all the options, are equipped with internet access.

We are also in the TripAdvisor with excellent reviews should you want to know more about us.

Book With Us, Do Not Be Shy and Write an Email.

Malu Ramos
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  • Last modified: March 30th, 2019

5 reviews for Car with Brazilian Driver in Hand

  1. 5 out of 5
    Evaluation 5 of 5

    - :

    My name is Mariana Brasil and at the beginning of last year I received a challenge from a friend: can you visit Paris with a wheelchair?
    I need to thank, kiss the feet and congratulate the team of Luiz Antonio and França Entre Amigos.
    More than picking up at the airport, rather than indicating tours, more than selling and receiving for his work (which would be absolutely fair), Luiz Antonio was a partner, friend and understood the importance of that trip, as all trips have !
    He understood that Rich (my friend) wanted to go to Mont Saint Michel even though it seemed unlikely! Took him there! I remember him even saying that if I was not so tall I would put Rich on his back and try to climb the stairs!
    It helped to check if the apartment had access, as we found an incredible apartment in the Ile de Saint Louis, which overturned the problem of delay to go anywhere in Paris and with that the Rica has earned time (and time travel is precious). Indicated nice walks, changed itineraries pre-booked with them without problems and made them meet Bruges! (which also seemed unlikely).
    That is, he did not settle for the conditions of Rica and neither limited anything to him, went ahead and exceeded any expectation!
    Whenever I meet my friends again they say: having made the trip with Luiz Antonio made all the difference! It made everyone rich!
    The roadmap is ready, I can share with anyone who does not have the time or opportunity to prepare a trip of these and has reduced mobility. But it will never be the same if it is not with Luiz Antonio. So I indicate, I recommend, I place 5 stars: France team Among Friends, it makes a difference!
    Does it cost? It costs! Like all the work, driver, hosting cost, we have all bills to pay and this is business. But to go to Paris to get cold? It's paying a lot more expensive! Worth every penny and we saved and agreed on both the accommodation being in apartment and not in hotel that compensated!
    Thank you very much Luiz Antonio and team, professionalism and an extra touch are what guarantee your success!
    The tip is for everyone, not only those who have reduced mobility, but who want a differentiated service, but also for this public that has practically no indication of how to travel.
    Mariana Brasil

  2. 5 out of 5
    Evaluation 5 of 5

    - :

    The best travel service I've ever had! Punctuality incredible, accessible at qqr hour, and all a sympathy.
    Pass security from reservations, exchange emails until the end of each service.
    Simply sensational.
    I just bought the ticket for next year, I get 10 / 8 / 15 (from here 9 months is born kkk) and I know well what are the people who will help me !!! Top Top Top !!!

  3. 5 out of 5
    Evaluation 5 of 5

    - :

    Good afternoon
    We will make a trip (3 people) and we will be in Paris 5 hours, from this time I want to take 2 hours to know some points, especially the Eiffel Tower.
    What is the procedure for hiring them and my biggest concern is about the return time to the airport, because we can't arrest the plane.

  4. 5 out of 5
    Evaluation 5 of 5

    - :

    We'll be on 18 March making a stopover, 4 hours at Charles Degaule Airport. Would you be able to visit any tourist spot?
    We are in 3 people, and we appreciate the suggestion.



  5. 5 out of 5
    Evaluation 5 of 5

    - :

    I will be 5 dds in Paris
    I still have difficulty walking due to recent knee surgery
    I await budget

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