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Traditional religious city, Avignon still conserves its walls and Roman remnants. It is in the Middle Ages that it knows its splendor, becoming the official residence of the Popes and a center of political decisions of the time. They built in the 14th century a large Gothic building that would serve as a fortress and palace. Nowadays, the Palace of the Popes, as it is known, is open to the public and annually is one of the prestigious stages of the International Theater Festival of Avignon. The event, one of the largest of its kind, has been held since 1947 during the European summer. They are more than 300 representations of classic and contemporary pieces in scenic or outdoor spaces. An unforgettable event for lovers of theatrical art.

The bridge Saint-Bénezet, of 1185, that connects the two banks of the Rhone river is one of the postcards of the Provençal city. It became famous only as the Avignon Bridge and was immortalized in the French folk song Sur le pont d'Avignon. A legend says that it would have been built by divine order given to the young Saint-Bénezet. A place of myth and mystery, Avignon sits amidst an agricultural production area, offering country walks and meals rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. The curious dessert, Papalines d ?? Avignon, layers of chocolates stuffed with oregano liqueur, is a specialty of the region as well as Côtes du Rhône wine.

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  • Papalines d ?? Avignon
  • Sweet melon
  • Wine Côtes du Rhône

Get to know!

  • Palace of the Popes
  • Bridge of Avignon
  • Lapidaire Archeology Museum
  • Angladon Museum
  • Cathedral
  • Notre-Dame des Doms
  • Clock Square


Distance: 683 Km from Paris

Population: 93 thousand inhabitants
Department: Vancluse
Região: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

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