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As the French capital, Rouen located a little further west is bathed by the River Seine. Strolling through the Beauvoisine district, one of the first inhabited areas of the city, you reach the square of the Vieux-Marché, a place that entered history because it was where Joan of Arc, a saint and heroine of the Hundred Years War, was burned live, in 1431. The 18th century houses with apparent and very well preserved wooden beams give the feeling of going back in time. Among them you will find the former residence of the famous French writer Gustave Flaubert. The building houses the Museum of History of Medicine and a museum dedicated to the author of the classic "Madame de Bovary". On the walls of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen is the second largest French collection of Impressionist paintings. Monet, Sisley and Pissarro immortalized in ink some of the beautiful landscapes of the region.
In Gros-Horloge street, with its large golden clock, it is easy to be surprised and enchanted by the architecture, small shops or the generous flavors of Normandy's gastronomy. The city has several specialties. The roasted lamb legs of Rouen are one of them, after boned, they are stuffed with sausage and seasonings before they are breaded and fried. Typical desserts such as macarrons, duchesses and mirlitons are made in Rouen in a special way. Even a single variety of pear was created on-site in 1855, the Pear Pass-Crassane.

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  • Macarons of Rouen
  • Pear Pass-Crassane
  • Legs of lamb in the style of Rouen
  • Duchesses of Rouen
  • Mirlitons de Rouen
  • Roulettes de Rouen

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  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museum of Ceramics
  • Beauvoisine district
  • Square of the Vieux-Marché
  • Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Rouen


Distance: 110 Km from Paris

Population: 111 thousand inhabitants
Apartment: Seine-Maritime
Region: Normandy
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