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Surrounded by prestigious vineyards, Saint-Emilion in south-west France, it is a small medieval town inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It is the variety of soil types that allows the diversity of its wines, being the most famous reds. A visit to these miles of renowned vineyards is almost mandatory, in addition to understanding the manufacturing process of the drink, in the end there are what for many is the best part: the tasting.

In the city full of chapels and catacombs, the monolith church of Saint-Emilion, eleventh century, is striking because it was entirely excavated directly on the rock. It is the largest of its kind in Europe. In the Souterrain de la Poterie Museum, it is possible to admire twenty centuries of ceramics from the region of Aquitaine, in the place also the extraction points of the rock used for the construction of the city walls in the 12th and 13th centuries. In addition to wine and its architectural beauties, Saint-Émilion is also known for the macarron tradition, the famous sweet recipe that is synonymous with French gastronomy appeared there in 1620 and went around the world.

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  • Saint-Émilion wine
  • Macarrons

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  • Monolith Church of Saint-Emilion
  • Vineyards of Saint-Émilion
  • Torre du Roy
  • Souterrain Museum of the Poterie
  • Villemaurine Castle


Distance: 481 Km from Paris

Population: 2 thousand inhabitants
Apartment: Gironde
Region: Aquitaine
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