Tour to Bruges from Paris

  • 1 to 3 People = 700€
  • 4 to 8 People = 180 € per person
  • Above 8 People: On Request
Known as the "Northern VeniceBruges keeps delicious chocolate brands and beers plus long tradition in embroidery.

What is More Inspirational and Romantic than a Place that Resembles a Background for a Fairy Tale? That's Bruges

During the middle ages, Bruges in Belgium was the center of international trade and its prosperity attracted traders from all over the world.

Today its authentic Gothic architecture made it World Heritage of Humanity 2000 the year.

It has several monuments and strolling its streets visiting stores is a delight as we found more from 40 chocolate shops.

In many of them, the chocolate master makes the chocolates at the back of the store and sells them in front.

The result is that when we pass through these little shops the temptation is great.

Another delight "Made In Bruges"It's the beers. It has for all tastes and you find in some bars over 450 options.

Only one of them is manufactured in the city but in the past they were around 84 "brasseries".

The local language is Dutch and they do not like to speak French, the second Belgian language.

It is a very enriching visit when we leave Paris because despite the short distance between the two, they are very different.

The 300k route is done in less than 3h because the road is excellent and the ride length is 12h.

This Private Tour May End at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) on Your Last Day in Paris.

Remember: In all our tours you will have information about the place visited and not just a shuttle service.

Our company has all the licenses required for the exercise of the activity in the country and all our passengers are insured.

Our cars are, all with less than 3 years of use and with all the options, are equipped with internet access.

  • Departure Times: 07: 00 AM | 13: 00 PM

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    I contracted France between Friends 1 the day before arriving in Paris, it was hastily but they reserved everything quickly. Friendly driver, Luiz Antonio gave several tips. We went to Bruges with him and we loved the tour. He showed us every little street in the city and took us in an excellent restaurant along the banks of the canal. It was unforgettable. I recommend !!!

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