Tours in Paris and Its Region

The Tourist in France has Several Options of Tours in Paris and its Region.

Strolling by car with a Brazilian guide driver, we can discover incredible places in half a day. These destinations are just a few kilometers from the capital and you can visit them without traveling long distances. This is the proposal of Half Day Tours in Paris and its region, American or Brazilian Guide in Paris. Below, you can find our description of half-day tours from Paris.

The City Tour in Paris with a Bilingual driver is the most sought after. Then we have a tour to the Chateau de Versailles and the Giverny Tour.

Then we have the town of Anvers-Sur-Oise where Vincent Van Gogh lived and the Castle of Fontainebleu and Barbizon village. The demand for Chantilly Castle and the Chateau de Vaux le Vicompte has increased considerably in recent times. The children's favorite is the tour to Provins, a medieval town that offers the spectacle of the eagles and a medieval battle.

A very interesting alternative for those who do not have much time is to combine these tours with each other.

City Tour + Versailles Castles with Brazilian guide driver or Giverny + Versailles Castles are two of the most sought after combinations. By hiring two half-day tours on the same day, you have interesting advantages.

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