Car Services and Transfers

Transfer in Paris with a bilingual driver, whenever we hire one we were afraid of the presence of the professional at the airport.

It was in thinking that France Among Friends created the 100% Guaranteed Transfer.
It means that once our contracted shuttle service, we guarantee 100% that you will be transported to your destination, in case this does not occur, we will refund the amount paid and we will offer the return transfer entirely FREE. That's right ! In case of flight delays, changes of schedule, natural disasters and all kinds of last minute problems, it does not matter, we will be at the exit of the passengers waiting for you and your family *. We were the first company to offer this guarantee and this makes all the difference in the quality of your trip. This is our commitment, our mission: to contribute to making your trip the best since your arrival in France!
By hiring our transfer service you will be guaranteed to arrive at the desired place.
We provide bilingual professionals; our vehicles are comfortable, our services are private, exclusive for you and your family. Our cars are new and have access to internet and mineral water.
Our drivers will be able to provide you with important tips about the city.
We will give you all the guidance you need to save time and make your trip as easy as possible! After all, every minute of your vacation is worth a lot! Another advantage, you will not have fares surprises because our prices are previously combined, regardless of the amount of luggage, flight delays or transit of the route. On the day of your transfer, our driver will be at the hotel or the indicated place at the agreed time and on arrival at the airport or in the place where he/she will be taken to the exact place of check-in or Detax at no additional cost.
Punctuality, Comfort, Information, and Safety.
* If you change your flight, you must inform us so that we can organize ourselves